Avoid the Light Commercial Vehicle shortage this festive season with FleetEurope

Avoid the festive LCV shortage

Avoid the Light Commercial Vehicle shortage this festive season with FleetEurope

This winter, FleetEurope is offering businesses a valuable lifeline, supporting demand for light commercial vehicles throughout the festive season.

“We are in the busiest time of year on the high street and our roads,” comments Carlos Montero, FleetEurope’s Commercial Director. “Demand is notoriously high and FleetEurope is here to help those who need a vehicle during this time to keep their businesses running and keep up with demand.”

In the run up to Christmas, increased consumer spend, online retail and new festive events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, place pressure on delivery and logistics companies. These use up a significant amount of LCV availability on the rental market, reducing overall supply levels.

Businesses which look to hire a vehicle during this period can struggle to find availability where existing suppliers have previously met demand. This additional pressure from logistics companies can leave some accounts short with limited availability.

FleetEurope is here to help with its national network of leasing and rental suppliers. By using FleetEurope, customers can access any of their rental partners, located throughout the UK. Universal access through a single account saves valuable time, whilst a single rate card assures customers that are renting vehicles are at a favourable rate, which is only available through the buying power of FleetEurope.

This offer is open to all customers, both existing and new. New accounts can be set up almost instantly with access to the network made available immediately after. Once the account is active, a customer will only need to make one call or online booking and FleetEurope will do all the leg work to locate the right vehicle at a local outlet.

Where vehicles are unavailable, alternative suppliers are contacted or vehicles can even be moved from one location to another for ultimate convenience. By using FleetEurope, customers have a significantly better chance of getting a van which meets their requirements during a time which sees peaks in demand and shortages in supply.

Carlos Montero, FleetEurope’s Commercial Director, concluded: “Whereas some operators face a lack of availability or inflated costs, our nationwide network and agreed rate card enables our customers to access vehicles when they need them most.

“At FleetEurope, we understand how important this time of year is for businesses of all sizes. By utilising our structure and network, businesses have a far great chance of getting a vehicle during this busy period, one that is suited to their requirements.”


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