Benefits of FleetEurope’s Applied Driving Techniques partnership

Applied Driving Techniques

Benefits of FleetEurope’s Applied Driving Techniques partnership

FleetEurope partnered with driving safety and training provider Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) earlier this year to bring customers additional benefits to our existing products and offers. FleetEurope have partnered with ADT to help provide their customers with compliance in all areas.

As a FleetEurope customer, you are now able to access to ADT’s portfolio of products, which includes a Fleet Safety Management Audit, Work Related Road Risk Assessment, and Licence and Document Monitoring.

ADT is a leading provider of fleet compliance and risk management solutions that overcome some of the most challenging driver safety issues facing business in the UK. ADT’s unique and fresh approach, suitable for all types and sizes of vehicle fleets, means it is best placed to understand and minimise the risk factors affecting these organisations to help meet legal obligations, reduce costs, minimise environmental impact and ultimately save lives.

ADT provides a complete and managed service covering all auditing and assessments, grey fleet management, licence and document checking and driver training. With a successful and proven track record, the company has become a valued partner for an increasing number of public, private and third sector customers that are looking to achieve high levels of operational performance, adhere to Duty of Care obligations and improve road safety.

The award-winning business has been recognised five times by road safety charity Brake at the annual Fleet Safety Awards. Most recently, ADT and the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association won the partnership category in 2013, for the implementation of a fully-integrated risk management strategy that enhanced the charity’s safe driving culture and cut insurance claims by half in just 12 months.

ADT customers are also able to take advantage of FleetEurope’s existing relationships with rental providers across the UK. This agreement brings numerous advantages to ADT’s customers who are able to collect and return to a local provider anywhere in the UK for a nationwide agreed rate.

To maximise the benefit of this new partnership, FleetEurope is inviting all customers and prospects to complete a new survey, which will provide a detailed compliance health check of current fleet risks. The survey will generate a report that can be assessed and discussed with customers to help reduce exposure to risk in these key areas. Customers and prospects can access the survey to assess current risks free of charge by following the link:


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