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drivehub website launch

FleetEurope launches new dedicated drivehub microsite for fleet customers

FleetEurope, a leading independent vehicle management solutions provider, has announced the launch of a new driver-focused microsite for its fleet management customers. The newly branded drivehub site, has been developed to provide company car and van drivers with expert advice and support throughout the life of their vehicle, ensuring they receive the best possible driving experience. drivehub’s responsive design can be viewed on any mobile device and offers full support, from booking a service or tyre change through to advice [...]

FleetEurope supplies 22 branded MINI Coopers for Vitality Nurse service launch

FleetEurope supplies 22 branded MINI Coopers for Vitality Nurse service launch

FleetEurope, a leading independent vehicle management solutions provider, has supplied 22 branded MINI Coopers to its customer Vitality, for the launch of its new Vitality Nurse service. The service enables VitalityLife’s new team of 22 field-based nurses to visit customers at a convenient time and place to carry out medical screenings and improve the insurance application process. The MINI Cooper 1.5 hatch with Tech pack was chosen due to its excellent safety features and efficiencies, which are vital in helping the [...]

Company Car Speeding

Are employers doing enough to curb the rise in speeding offences?

The first ever car to receive a speeding ticket, an 1896 Arnold Benz Motor Carriage, is due to go on display at the upmarket motor show at Hampton Court Palace this September. The driver, Walter Arnold from East Peckham in London, was caught doing 8mph and stopped by a police officer following him on a bicycle. He was fined a shilling plus costs for driving at four times the legal speed limit at the time, in what was believed to [...]

Fleet Operators shouldn't ignore the importance of AdBlue

Fleet operators shouldn’t ignore the importance of AdBlue

For fleet owners in the UK and Europe, AdBlue is growing in importance, as are the costs of ignoring it. The AA reported that, in 2016, the number of AdBlue-related breakdowns went up every month, to the point that they were dealing with more than 1,000 every four weeks. They also predicted that there could easily be more than 20,000 diesel vehicles suffering the same fate in 2017. So, what is AdBlue and why has it become such an important [...]

Diesel vehicle exhaust fumes

Will scrappage mean the end of the road for diesel vehicles?

The total number of diesel cars sold worldwide last year reached 10 million. Around 7.5 million of those cars were sold in Europe, making the recent issues of pollution and public health risks associated with them, a very European problem indeed. Over the last 15 years’ motorists in the UK have been encouraged to drive diesel vehicles because they were found to produce less CO2 than their petrol equivalents. The Government incentivised businesses to choose them by offering lower tax [...]

VED changes April 2017

Vehicle Excise Duty is changing from 1st April 2017

Changes to the way VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) or road tax is calculated will be changing for certain vehicles that are registered on or after 1st April 2017. Commercial vehicles, which do not exceed 3,500 GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) will not be affected by the new rules. How is the VED calculation changing? The changes to road tax were announced by former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne, in response to a rise in low-emissions vehicle ownership. The current VED calculations, based [...]

fleeteurope blog company car image

More than skin deep; just how important is company car image?

Company cars have long been considered an important perk for attracting and maintaining the best talent. When it comes to choice lists, it’s not just running costs that are considered a priority; to drivers (user choosers) and a company itself, image is still an all important factor. The way cars are marketed and placed in the media creates impressions and opinions with the public, aligning the vehicle with specific messages. The Toyota Prius is a good example of this, synonymous [...]