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Will car manufacturers follow PSA Group’s lead on real-world fuel economy tests?

I have the utmost respect for businesses that lead by example and PSA Group have done exactly that recently, by publishing the results of real-world fuel economy tests for thousands of its cars. It’s a bold move that aims to reinforce consumer confidence in their Peugeot, Citroën and DS brands in the aftermath of Dieselgate and brings trust and transparency back into the testing process. As you might expect, the real-world consumption figures are significantly lower than those obtained via [...]

Fleet Operators shouldn't ignore the importance of AdBlue

Fleet operators shouldn’t ignore the importance of AdBlue

For fleet owners in the UK and Europe, AdBlue is growing in importance, as are the costs of ignoring it. The AA reported that, in 2016, the number of AdBlue-related breakdowns went up every month, to the point that they were dealing with more than 1,000 every four weeks. They also predicted that there could easily be more than 20,000 diesel vehicles suffering the same fate in 2017. So, what is AdBlue and why has it become such an important [...]