FleetEurope adds essential incident management support to total fleet solution

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FleetEurope adds essential incident management support to total fleet solution

FleetEurope has signed a three-year incident management contract with FMG, to significantly reduce the hassle, cost and impact of vehicle incidents for its fleet customers.

The deal with FMG means that when vehicle incidents occur involving FleetEurope’s fleet of cars and vans, their drivers have instant access to all the essential support they need. FMG, the incident management and roadside services specialist, provides a comprehensive service including first notification of loss, repair management, uninsured loss recovery and non-fault hire.

Carlos Montero, Chief Commercial Officer at FleetEurope said, “As a leading provider of fleet services, we know first-hand the impact even slight vehicle incidents can have on our customers’ drivers, business and productivity. Everything we do is geared towards helping our customers to run their company vehicles efficiently and by partnering with FMG we can ensure that the hassle, cost and downtime following an incident will be reduced to an absolute minimum.”

Harvey Stead, Sales Director at FMG said, “We are delighted to have this opportunity to provide essential support to FleetEurope’s customers and it is clear that our two businesses share the same passion for providing excellent customer service. As long as people drive, incidents will occur unfortunately, so we look forward to delivering an efficient and high-quality incident management process resulting in significant benefits for FleetEurope and its customers.”


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