John Yarroll Welcome

Welcome from FleetEurope’s CEO John Yarroll

Welcome to our new e-newsletter, a place you can read news and views of what is happening across the FleetEurope group.

Daily Rental Services

The key benefits of daily vehicle rental

Corporate daily rental can be a real challenge. From simply finding a competitive supplier at short notice to overcomplicated invoice schedules.

Fleet Management, Logistics and Refurbishment

Fleet Management, Logistics & Refurbishment

An essential part of fleet management is vehicle repair, both during life on the fleet and when it comes to de-fleeting vehicles.

End of Hire Processes

Managing end of hire processes helps reduce rental costs

FleetEurope is celebrating its second anniversary of adopting Fleetondemand’s innovative cloud-based enterprise rental platform.

Outward Bound Trust

Thinking Outside the box for the Outward Bound Trust

FleetEurope rose to the Trust’s challenge in 2011 and have successfully delivered an outstanding service to date.

FleetEurope Looks Back John Yarroll

FleetEurope looks back over the last 20 years

For our 20th anniversary, FleetEurope’s CEO, John Yarroll, takes a trip down memory lane, looking at the changes in the fleet industry.

FleetEurope Profile Nicki Montero

FleetEurope Profile: Nicki Montero

Having joined FleetEurope straight from the University of Sheffield as an administrator, Nicki Montero heads the accounts team and rental operations.