The key benefits of daily vehicle rental

The key benefits of daily vehicle rental

Corporate daily rental can be a real challenge. From simply finding a competitive supplier at short notice to overcomplicated invoice schedules, daily rental can become a significant drain on resources.

FleetEurope’s daily rental service has been designed to solve every headache in order to deliver a simple, dependable, nationwide service. Through a network of over 1,500 multiple supplier branches, every crease has been ironed out with additional benefits for companies of all sizes on offer.

From a cost perspective, smaller businesses enjoy savings from our buying power while larger, multi-location corporations take advantage of saving time by dealing with a single supplier, regardless of location.

The FleetEurope network ensures you are always near a supplier with our pre-arranged tariff enabling you to know exactly what you will pay, regardless of branch. Plus, we are the supply partner to all major rental companies, so you are guaranteed the best availability.

Every one of these suppliers has agreed and signed the FleetEurope service agreement. Our standards are enforced by membership to the BVRLA and their strictly enforced code of conduct. As the end user, this means you experience the best service in the business, bar none.

There are other real world benefits too. From our management reports which offer insight to usage, to robust invoicing – which are over 99% accurate – businesses can benefit from FleetEurope’s daily rental. Small things, too, such as reserving a vehicle until your flight arrives minimising the stress for drivers.

For many, however, the best advantage of FleetEurope’s offer is simplicity; call, fax, email or book online, we ensure the right vehicle is available. Even if this is at short notice due to an accident, breakdown, last minute change or simply forgetting to book, we aim to deliver on all urgent requirements in less than two hours.

Regardless of company size, be it 10 or 10,000, FleetEurope offer solutions to your daily rental challenges bringing with it a host of additional benefits and savings.