Fleet Management, Logistics & Refurbishment

Fleet Management, Logistics & Refurbishment

An essential part of fleet management is vehicle repair, both during life on the fleet and when it comes to de-fleeting vehicles. It is one of the more costly areas of running a fleet, as the majority of repair outfits across the UK are set up for consumer and insurer purposes.

Commercial repairers therefore need to ensure profits per job, and focus around each vehicle as an individual project. For fleets, this approach is costly and does not reflect or deliver the level of service required. With a commercial approach, using intelligent & efficient repair techniques, customers can save up to 70% on end of contract damage costs.

FleetEurope’s Vehicle Refurbishment/Pool Fleet Management provides fleet operator’s access to three large professional volume repair sites, spread across the North, Central and South of the country. These sites are designed for volume repairs, using smart techniques for a fraction of the cost of traditional body shops.

These body shops reflect the factories where fleet vehicles were originally produced, with dedicated areas for each repair. Rather than a single vehicle being worked on, processes take place on a mass production scale, increasing standards while reducing both time and cost.

In terms of financial savings, simple things such as refurbishing rather than replacing a damaged alloy wheel can avoid unnecessary expenditure. However it’s in the detail we see the biggest savings. Where a damaged door may equal a £200 deduction from the funding body, paintless dent removal can be completed for a fifth of the cost.

The sites used by FleetEurope have all signed up to FleetEurope’s service agreement, ensuring quality repairs. These sites are also used by the funders’ themselves before the vehicle goes through to auction. Whereas the funder could charge a standard price, often far greater than the repair, FleetEurope will ensure the vehicle is brought back to standard in the most cost and environmentally friendly way.

FleetEurope’s Fleet Operations Manager Mike Cooke commented, “For the fleet operators, there is no difference in handing the car over to FleetEurope than handing it back to the funder. Once it is in our care, we handle and approve repairs with cost and environmental considerations and to BVRLA standards before handing back to the funder directly.

“What fleet operators do see is a massive saving. The crossover between new vehicle delivery and old vehicles returning to the funder is kept to a minimum and when vehicles do go back, they are in a better condition, meaning damage deductions and fines are, in most cases, not applicable.”