FleetEurope looks back over the last 20 years

FleetEurope looks back over the last 20 years

For our 20th anniversary, FleetEurope’s CEO, John Yarroll, takes a trip down memory lane, looking at the changes in the fleet industry.

“The biggest fleet market change over the past two decades,” comments John, “has been the growth in market share of diesel cars across rental, leasing and the private sector.”

Perceptions of superior efficiency and reduced emissions shifted the market, but the change is now coming full circle. Health concerns around diesel particulate emissions, with improved economy and refinement in petrol engines mean market dynamics are far from settled.

Without doubt, the biggest hype of the last 20 years has to be around Hybrids and EVs. This fuel source has promised to change the motoring landscape for many years, but it has only recently benefitted from necessary investments in infrastructure and technology.

The working landscape has also changed, offering today’s drivers more say in their vehicle choice and using company cars as tools for recruitment and retention. Consequently, businesses spend more on their fleets, as drivers choose premium brands resulting in higher purchase, insurance and repair costs.

An increase in the number of dedicated fleet managers has impacted positively on the market. Previously the domain of the MD’s secretary, professional fleet managers now rule with an iron rod, contributing significantly to the bottom line if they can make even a 10% saving on their annual fleet running costs.

The next 20 years will see fossil fuelled cars continue to compete against each other and with electric/hybrid cars on both cost and convenience. Despite communications advances, people will always do business with other people and prefer to do it face to face, using the car as means to travel. However, we may see other forms of transport make an impact, as a new generation of workers rely less on personal transport and companies strive to reduce their environmental impact.