FleetEurope Profile: Nicki Montero

FleetEurope Profile: Nicki Montero

Having joined FleetEurope straight from the University of Sheffield as an administrator, Nicki Montero heads the accounts team and rental operations as the Director of Finance and Administration. In an industry that never stands still, Nicki shares her experience of joining a new business and watching it grow into a well-respected company over a 20 year period.

“I’m driven to maintain our excellent reputation for customer service, finding ways to continuously exceed customer expectations and develop our offering” begins Nicki. “The unpredictable nature of each day gets me out of bed in the morning; in an industry that is quite literally always on the move, a new development or challenge is always just around the corner.”

Having worked with FleetEurope from the very beginnings, Nicki is one of the company’s longest standing members and has seen the industry change and the company flourish over a 20 year period. Nicki admits she could never see herself in another profession, despite childhood ambitions to open a sweet shop with her best friend.

“Unfortunately, she is now a teacher, so I don’t think we’ll be setting up shop anytime soon. That said I’m known by my close friends as a bit of tidy freak. I just love clearing out and de-cluttering and would happily do this for other people just for the reward of seeing it done!”

Outside of the office, Nicki has always been a keen sportswoman, playing rugby until starting a family 10 years ago. Now, she is often found on her bike, playing tennis or skiing but yearns to own her own horse again.

“One of the most pivotal moments in my life has to be when I was seven-years-old. I had lunch at a friend’s and then went to watch her riding lesson. I pestered my parents to join her for riding lessons when I got home. In-turn, every member of our family learned to ride and it became our major pastime, including owning many horses. Even now, I’m in touch with friends I’ve met through horses.”

Nicki is also a petrolhead, starting her driving career in a Mazda MX-5: “I wish I’d kept it, it was a great car. I love my current car, a Land Rover Discovery, but wish I could add a Porsche 356 Speedster to the garage.”

For those wishing to follow in Nicki’s footsteps, she has two pieces of advice. “We’ve all fired emails off in the heat of the moment, so always think carefully before hitting send. And I’d say have confidence in your abilities, as it can really help with the next challenge.”