Managing end of hire processes helps reduce rental costs

Managing end of hire processes helps reduce rental costs

FleetEurope is celebrating its second anniversary of adopting Fleetondemand’s innovative cloud-based enterprise rental platform.

The system powers the thousands of online daily rental bookings we make each year for our customers.

It was adopted because of the system’s ability to further improve our customer journey from the car or van rental booking right through to handling the back office administration such as off-hires, parking or speeding fines, invoicing and damage claims.

It also allows us to set up each customer account and allow for their individual bespoke hire requirements, from car grouping allowances or restrictions to line manager approval protocols.

“We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a first class back end administration service which manages all aspects of a customer’s end of hire charges,” explained Nicki Montero, FleetEurope’s Director of Finance and Administration.

“Fines, damage claims, fuel and invoicing are all potential areas where fleets can lose or waste money if they do not efficiently manage their back office admin.

“The FOD system helps our rental team keep a close eye on all elements of these potential issues and manages each one until they are fully resolved. This includes checking the final invoice with what the customer should be paying,”  Nicki added.