FleetEurope addresses rental damage issue with new ‘De-Risk’ service

FleetEurope addresses industry-wide rental damage claims issue with the launch of new ‘De-Risk’ service

FleetEurope, a leading independent vehicle management solutions provider, has launched a groundbreaking service for daily rental customers that offers financial protection for light vehicle damage.

The new De-Risk service provides cover for minor damage incurred to a rental vehicle, valued at less than £500 to repair, regardless of who is at fault. The cover includes damage to the vehicle’s bodywork, tyres, alloys and windscreen, as well as replacement keys and misfuelling call-outs.

FleetEurope’s customers can choose to add the De-Risk service to their rental accounts for a minimal daily fee that covers both daily rental and MonthPlus mid-term vehicles.

Joe Howick, chief operating officer at FleetEurope, commented: “Minor damage charges have been a highly contentious issue within the rental industry for many years. For companies that deal directly with rental suppliers, it can become an administrative and financial burden.

“During the last 12 months alone FleetEurope has seen a 3.9% damage rate, handling a substantial number of claims directly with rental suppliers on behalf of our customers. Seven out of 10 of those claims were valued at £500 or less to repair.

“We’ve developed De-Risk with the aim of addressing these statistics. Our customers will now benefit from reduced damage charges and more time to focus on managing their core business.”