Keeping it in the family: Fleet Service GB

Fleet Service Great Britain (FSGB)

Keeping it in the family: Fleet Service GB

This year saw one of the best-known and well respected names in fleet return to the industry; the Bray family. Re-grouping under the new company title, the newly formed Fleet Service Great Britain (FSGB) has made a fantastic start to 2015, with FleetEurope supporting its success as its rental service provider.

The Bray family over almost 30 years took Fleet Support Group (FSG) from a kitchen table concept to becoming the UK’s largest privately owned fleet management company managing 55,000 vehicles and drivers.

Up until that point, FleetEurope had supported FSG with its rental offer, with 20 years of experience and service paying dividend; during this time, the level of service provided by FleetEurope was always highly regarded by FSG, which was respected in the industry for its uncompromising approach to service.

Following the acquisition, the Bray family – Marcus Bray, his father Geoffrey and step mother Ina – departed the company, which was subsequently renamed over a period of time.

However, after months of behind the scenes work, the Bray family returned when Fleet Service Great Britain officially launched in April 2015. The company quickly expanded to almost 2,000 vehicles under management necessitating the need for a rental partner.

“FleetEurope was the first call we made,” said Marcus Bray, Head of Sales, Fleet Service Great Britain. “I knew from old its service was first class and rates were competitive. But where others looked to compete on price, none could come close to the support offered by FleetEurope or bring the expertise in sourcing specialist vehicles anywhere in the UK.

“FleetEurope stood out as an exceptional service provider and continue to impress. Despite FSGB being a ‘new’ business, FleetEurope pulled out all the stops setting up the new agreement. Colleagues at FleetEurope are always polite, courteous and go the extra mile.”

Carlos Montero, Commercial Director, FleetEurope, added; “When we had the call from Marcus, it was fantastic to hear the Bray family were back in fleet and learn of the new FSGB group. Naturally we wanted to support the group and I’m extremely pleased to hear our hard work over a 15 year period had stood us in good stead.”

“Fleet Service Great Britain has made a fantastic start to the year and its new venture. If anything, this demonstrated that, at FleetEurope, we always do everything we can to deliver. Whether this was for the established Fleet Support Group with circa. 50,000 vehicles or the newly formed Fleet Service Great Britain group with 1,500 vehicles, every client is important to us.”

“The main thing for FleetEurope is the value we offer through service. Combined with our expertise in specialist vehicles anywhere in the UK, re-partnering with the Bray family for their latest venture shows the trust our clients put in us to deliver; something we do every day.”


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