Consultancy Service

Consultancy Service

FleetEurope’s consultants have a wealth of fleet industry knowledge and experience. We offer customers a range of services that help to reduce their costs, minimise risks, reduce their carbon footprint and streamline their fleet operations. Our consultancy services include:

FleetEurope Consultancy Services

Formulating and implementing fleet policy

We can carry out a detailed audit of your fleet and advise on enhanced processes and procedures that will benefit your organisation. The overall goal is to offer best practice advice on the latest industry standards and help streamline your processes to eliminate costs where possible and retain a robust and fair fleet policy that will satisfy your drivers, managers and executive board.

Cost Analysis to assist with vehicle selection

We can run market quotes against your set fleet policy and create a cost effective fleet list where you operate a vehicle list policy for drivers and not user chooser policy. This will enable you to select vehicles grades within your policy.

Green Fleet Advice

Greener fleets lead to lower fleet costs and help your organisation to meet it’s objectives for carbon reduction. We can advise you how best to utilise the latest improvements in technology from vehicle manufacturers that lower emissions and the cost of motoring.

We can create a tailored proposal that outlines the cost and environmental benefits you could achieve by implementing improvements to your current vehicle fleet.

Competitive Tendering

We work in partnership with many of the UK’s market-leading funders and 45 vehicle manufacturers to provide you with the most competitive rates and discounts available for your company vehicles.

Our quotation process is linked directly to our panel of funders, creating a ‘multi-bid’ platform. The funders submit quotations for each vehicle and we select the most competitive bid, ensuring you receive the lowest possible rates every time. This service removes the administrative burden of having to request and compare quotations for your fleet.

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