Vehicle Rental

Vehicle Rental

FleetEurope can deliver a huge choice of cars, vans and specialist vehicles to your home or office for rental periods ranging from one day to one year.

Our dedicated team work in partnership with you to help monitor and reduce your vehicle rental costs and make the management process as seamless as possible. Our vehicle rental services include:

daily vehicle rental

Daily Vehicle Rental

Access the UK’s largest selection of over 600,000 cars, light commercial and specialist vehicles available to rent from more than 2,200 locations nationwide for short-term periods of between 1-27 days.

FleetEurope Mid Term Vehicle Rental Service

Mid Term Vehicle Rental

MonthPlus is FleetEurope’s flexible, mid term vehicle rental service that provides substantially reduced rates compared to daily rental when booking a vehicle for 28 days or more.

FleetEurope International Vehicle Rental Service

International Vehicle Rental

Our global network offers highly competitive rates for 1,627,000 vehicles in approximately 170 countries around the world, including Europe, North America and Australia.

commercial specialist vehicles

Commercial/Specialist Vehicles

Access to over 192,000 commercial vehicles including car derived vans, panel vans, Luton vans, drop-sides, tippers, pick-ups, minibuses and a full range of on and off-road 4×4’s.

SelectPlus Mini Lease

SelectPlus Model Specific Mini Lease

A cost effective and flexible alternative to daily rental and leasing. Rent a car or commercial vehicle for 90 days or longer at highly competitive rates with no long-term contracts or early termination charges.

De-Risk Light Damage Cover from FleetEurope

De-Risk Light Damage Cover

Financial cover for light damage incurred to a rental vehicle for a minimal daily fee, removing the financial and administrative burden associated with the damage claims process.

FleetEurope Managing Partner Solution

Managing Partner Solution

Managed by FleetEurope, this fully outsourced solution allows organisations, with significant rental spend, the opportunity to negotiate net savings in excess of 15% using multiple rental suppliers.

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Key Benefits

Just some of the reasons why customers choose FleetEurope for vehicle rental:

Secure, Online Booking 24/7

Book your vehicles anytime using our Industry-leading online booking system.

Highly Competitive Rates

Utilise FeetEurope’s buying power to reduce your rental expenditure.

Huge Choice of Rental Vehicles

Access to a network of over 600,000 vehicles via 2,200 locations for delivery in 2 hours.

Extensive Management Reporting

Monitor your rental activity and reduce your costs with detailed management reports.

Dedicated Account Management

Your dedicated account manager acts as single point of contact.

Continuous Savings

We continuously track your rental expenditure and highlight where savings can be made.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our tailored SLAs and KPIs ensure you receive the best possible service available.

Industry-leading Invoice Accuracy

Our attention to detail is second to none with an invoice accuracy rate of 99%.

24/7 Emergency Booking Facility

Emergency reservations are available 365 days a year, nationwide via a dedicated number.
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