Thinking Outside the box for the Outward Bound Trust

Outward Bound Trust

Thinking Outside the box for the Outward Bound Trust

Balance is a critical element when operating a charity. Providing support and solutions to those in need must be matched when raising awareness to generate resource. Operating a fleet under these delicate conditions is nothing short of challenge, requiring vehicles that are always fit for purpose in a cost effective, challenging environment.

Educational charity, The Outward Bound Trust, promotes and provides outdoor learning opportunities for young people, allowing them to realise their full potential in the wilderness. Supportive, yet challenging environments are provided by five centres spread across some of the most remote locations in the UK.

Based on the west coast of Wales, in the mountains of the Lake District and the heart of the Scottish Highlands, the fleet is a critical element of the Trust’s operations. Without robust, dependable and reliable vehicles, access to the environments offered by these idyllic locations can be severely limited.

With all charities, resources are dependent on the donations made by generous supporters. Every penny really does count. All expenditure, therefore, has to be justified and costs at every stage are examined critically. As every fleet operator will know, providing reliable service operations rarely align with the definitions of value.

FleetEurope rose to the Trust’s challenge in 2011 and have successfully delivered for over three years to date. A fleet of 23 cars and 20 minibuses were supplied and continue to be maintained for the Trust, overcoming even the most challenging and remote environments while also meeting the challenges of financial sustainability.

“Key to their success has been FleetEurope’s complete understanding of the Trust’s challenges. Seamless delivery and maintenance in a number of remote locations, cost effective solutions and vehicles that match the Trust’s unique requirements mean their fleet of vehicles is one element the Trust need not worry about. Instead, time, energy and resources can be focused on those most important to the Trust; helping young people realise their potential every day.”

You can find out more and support the Outward Bound Trust and their work with young people at


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